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We inspire with high-availability automation system solution:

Our board product spectrum extends from open and fexible engineering tools, to a variety of intelligent production and monitoring solutions via an extensive offering of control technology and visualization hardware.


Controller system           Networking            Safety technology                HMI devices                        Motion control                  Engineering software        Condition monitoring system            HMI and SCADA


Automate your offshore plant with Bachmann, secure in the knowledge that every eventuality is covered.

Our innovative automation systems stand out on account of their extraordinary robustness, high performance and open interfaces.

Regardless of the type of ship or offshore and marine

application involved:

We offer you product for tailored solutions.

Meeting highly specialized requirements has long become a standard task for us.

System concept

Scalable and open

In order to minimize complexity and maximize ease of maintenance, all components of the M1 controller system. In this way, optimum scalability is ensured for a wide range of requirements. The M1 system perfectly combines the openness of a PC-based controller with the reliability of industrial hardware platforms.

A state-of-the-art system architecture designed for effective networking capability enables it to be intergrated easily in the area of the controller and plant peripherals.

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