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A leading manufacturer of high-performance instrumentation and measurement systems.

We work precisely on diesel and gas engines, turbines, in the shipbuilding and countless other applications.  The quality and safety of our measuring instruments and systems are certified worldwide.

Oil mist Detector for 4-stroke Engines

The compact oil mist detector type TGL015 … / … TGL017 for engine room monitoring of diesel and gas engines is a reliable and inexpensive motor protection system to measure the opacity of the engine room atmosphere and the engine room pressure. 

It is mounted in the engine ventilation and therefore needs no time-consuming piping on the engine.

- Cost saving oil mist detection system

- Easy mounting on crankcase ventilation tube of engine

- No artificial suction necessary (saves energy)

- No service parts necessary

- ATEX versions availble

- LAN/ CanOpen interfaces

- Marine 4.0 feasibilities

- web-Browser based communication

- More than 18.000 units sold

Bearing Distance & Temperature Monitoring Systems for 2-stroke Diesel Engines

Monitoring the bearings in large 2-stroke marine diesel engines warns in the event of a critical rise in temperature and / or high bearing wear, which can lead to sudden damage or accident at sea. Our monitoring system type BDMS / BTMS provides a compact solution for this new form of bearing monitoring. It is a combinable system for temperature monitoring and for monitoring of bearing condition. A “Condition Monitoring” certificate (CM) is available.

- High accuracy displacement measurement of crosshead position

- Easy to install

- Sensors for main bearing, corsshead and conrod splach oil temperature sensors available

- Cost effective and robust engine monitoring

- New system with Marine 4.0 and AL feasibilities

- Service teams in several countries

Water in oil system for 2-stroke and 4-stroke Engines

The sensor is suitable for the detection of water penetration in a hydraulic oil or lubricating oil circuit.

Working principle of the sensor is a capacitive measurement of the water content in the oil. The physically measured value is called “water activity” (aw = water activity). 

New oil has the characteristic to bind a certain amount of the dissolving water. The maximum water concentration in the oil is the so-called “saturation point”. If this saturation point is exceeded, the surplus water can lead to corrosion in machines. The saturation point of the oil depends on the temperature and other various factors, such as on its composition, whether mineral or synthetic, the addition of additives and also changes with the aging of the oil.

The sensor measures the content of dissolved water in oil and triggers an alarm as soon as the water content, which had been set before as PAV (Pre Alarm Value 0.5aw) or MAV (Main AlarmValue 0.9aw), is exceeded.

Sensors with 4 – 20 mA output for the AW-value and the temperature are available.

- Measures water activity (aw, saturation of oil by water)

- Stand alone and interface versions available

- Lan/CanOpen interfaces

- Analogous output

- Marine 4.0 feasibilities

- low cost versions available

CLTS / Cylinder Liner Temperature measurement system

The Horn Cylinder Liner Temperature System monitors the piston running performance by measuring the temperature of the upper part of the cylinder liner. 

A higher friction between the piston rings and the liner results in an increased characteristic temperature level which may lead to scuffing.

You can set individual temperature alarm limits via the monitoring system in the engine control room to give early warning about a high thermal load and potential cylinder liner scuffing.

The Horn Cylinder Liner Temperature System consists of high-quality temperature sensors and a field bus signal converter for each cylinder as well as a common monitor in the engine control room.

- Easy to install

- Low cost version available without control system

- Version connected to bearing wear system soon available

- Never again undetected cylinder liner scuffing problems

- Allows you to respond quickly and reliably to operational problems

- Independent or fully integrated in the alarm monitoring system

- No additional PC required

RPM pick-ups for 
2-stroke and 4-stroke Engines

- Low cost but robust electromagnetic rpm pick-up with or without amplifier.

- Low cost but inductive rpm pick-up with amplifier.

- High temperature executions for turbochargers are available.

Display units for 
2-stroke and 4-stroke Engines

Units are displaying all relevant measurements

- Robust design

- Attractive price

Safety systems for 
4-stroke Engines

Extreme compact design

-Multi μController and multi I/Qs

-CanOpen communication;            redundant

-digital & analogue inputs / outputs

-designed for rough environment (vibration, shock, temperature, oil)

Display units analogous and digital

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